Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why Robertson Why?

It's truly amazing how a natural disaster can bring a planet together to aid those in need. Yes, to the cynics, it's a shame that it takes such devastation for us to realize this, but it's good that we know something can be done about. There are people from all corners of the world convening on Haiti to help with the destruction. It's good that we're all finding ways to do our part. Texting a donation is a new one which is like paypal on a phone.

So 99.9% are praying, lending a hand, doing something about it, then you have that other .1%. Enter Pat Robertson who claims Haiti made a deal with the devil and they brought it on themselves. This is the same person who said Hurricane Katrina happened because of all the 'sinning' going on in New Orleans and G-d was sending a message.

You may wonder how to react to such statements and such a short-circuited humanoid. First thing is don't pay attention. Hopefully whoever lines his pockets will stop lining them. Hopefully the uber-religious can keep their faith, but not their hate and unconditional agreement with Mr. Robertson.

The second thing we can to do is keep helping Haiti, keep helping New Orleans. Everything built on this planet was done by man and it's that same joy of creating and teamwork that we pick up Haiti, pick up New Orleans and leave behind Mr Robertson. He'll eventually do himself in, as if he's not already. Poor guy, now that's a natural disaster.

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