Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Bye Bye Bin Laden Day / Marathon Recap

Greetings ,

Happy Bye Bye Bin Laden Day!

It's a great day for America and I think it's great that Obama finally enlisted Chuck Norris to get the job done! And yes, it was the fist that came from his beard.

In the spirit of freedom, I want to thank all my "Fight For Kids" supporters for my Long Island training:
The Kahrs Family / Dave Towle / Pam Knell / Sleven Rucci-Airo / Liza Savas / Gina Bratkowsky

I have so far raised over $300 (, snagged the front page onThe Great Neck News and the back page in The Great Neck Record

So what happened in the race?
I ran 1:38:41. I finished 330th of 4605 runners and as I said on twitter, I sprinted that mofo in. That's a 7:37/mile pace.

The dates keep coming in May as tomorrow I return to the Boston area at Bentley University - 7pm in the auditorium.

Thank you again,

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