Friday, September 2, 2011

South Dakota School of Mines & Technology - Off the Hook

Rare that I say 'off the hook.' Rarer that I blog about a show. However, last night in Rapid City, things got nuts. Like I used to do when reviewing Bon Jovi concerts, let's break it down song by song or segment by segment.

Soundcheck - My student entourage/shadow loved my old stuff before the show - male stripper, milf patrol, stephen lynch stuff. I should learn the old stuff again.

Warmup - Not sure what to make of the crowd, 'attentive' is a word I use for not laughing, but we were feeling each other out. This school is 70% guys and I'd say the show was 1/2 Greek and 1/4 of the crowd was wearing beanies that really looked like big green kippots (jewish hats).

Just Like Quagmire - Usually wins the guys over. They like quagmire and apparently putting the city name before 'crackwhore' in the show.

BonJovi219 (Boy on the Internet) - Usually I put this later, because this is a go to song. The premise - I bring up a guy from the crowd to be the internet boy. In this school of techies, three guys came up - Blake, a perverted freshman who stole or ruined the show by miming masturbation throughout the song, Jake, someone who supervised Blake acting as the voice of reason or just pretending they were stalking online, and Rashan, an Indian student took pictures of me from the stage on his phone only to realize he had a camera so he took 20 pictures of me with his camera throughout the night. Rashan was off on one side while Jake and Blake were on the other. Blake was gross and I think he ticked off some people by being the self-loving addict that he is. It was funny to see the crowd turn on him later in the show like a wrestler who turns heel.

One More Year (The College Song) - I kept Blake on stage, so he was partly my fault but hey, when self-pleasure is in the song, you gotta use the live demo. These two songs had the crowd in my hand. I moved up the college stuff and now it's about maintaining throughout.

Just Being Miley - Two girls being Miley. Cute, held the fort. They were normal. We weren't used to that.

More Than Four - We never guessed my wife's 'number,' but we didn't call our celebs that I would try to impersonate sexing the wife. Ahnold, Morgan Freeman, Billy Cosby, Bill Clinton went off good enough, but they gave me an applause break for Charlie Sheen. Apparently sex with Sheen last two seconds and then he says winning after.

Bruno Mars Madlibs - I started doing this over the summer because I hate the video for 'Just the Way You Are' so much. Do you really need to sing to this gorgeous South American model that she's amazing? Does she really need a self-esteem boost? I think she'll be alright. So instead of 'when I see your face', we subbed in "when I Missy's prostate, you're kinky just the way you are." Also, this crowd was very good at applauding at the end of songs. Usually it's awkward or I haven't earned it. Rashan from the internet bit came up to turn the page for me then we sang the final line together since he liked Bruno Mars.

Oh yeah, during Bruno Mars there was heavy rain or a hailstorm that caused 30% of the crowd to immediately evacuate. So weird, I don't know if this protocol but it felt like I was being punked. A minute later, at least half of the evacuees would return.

Top Ten Things About SDSMT
This student bootlegged the 2nd half of my show. I want this footage. I wish I brought my camera. I hit all the high notes and I didn't know Humans vs Zombies was more popular than uhh... sports.

Entrance Contest
Forgo'd FML contest to get students to come out to their own theme music choosing a random track off a playlist on my iPod. Blake tried to volunteer again, but we booed him off. If he was a wrestler, he got amazing heat from the crowd. They turned on him fast. Rashan tried too, but again, overexposed. A couple girls did alright, Jake returned and came up short again endorsing the winner - Hi - no, that's his name, an Asian student from Triangle Fraternity who basically did the robot with the theme from Seinfeld playing in the background. Big ovation, amazing job.

After the comedy, I do my talk about Greek Life yada yada, and my fly was down during the whole thing yada yada, but Mines was off the hook - great crowd energy, fairly filthy more because of the volunteers than me. And my friend from Black Hills even showed with my photo of me at Mt Rushmore back in 2008 from my BHSU visit. Great job Rapid City!  

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